Saturday, November 16, 2013

Photo Slideshow from KIPP High School Visit NYC

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KIPP Prep Academy High School: Bronx
Grades 9-12
One Sentence Take Away: In a modern, effective, responsive high school, strong investment in counselors and deans is money well spent.

KIPP Prep Academy High School is KIPP’s was started five years ago as KIPP’s first high school. It was created in response to requests from KIPP middle school parents who wished their students could continue within the KIPP experience through high school. 2013 marks the first year the High School is in its new location in its brand new  building in the Bronx. The building is beautiful! You can read more about the history of getting this state of the art high school built by clicking this link to robin hood foundation. Many of the lessons I learned while visiting this high school are within the photo slideshow, but I would add that the KIPP high school has two things I was very interested in. 

1) The administrative structure was very supportive of students and teachers. Aside from the principal, there is one vice principal that concentrates on instructional leadership and another that leads the dean team. Each grade has two deans! Plus each grade has two guidance counselors! That's ratio of about 100 students per counselor. In addition to these counselors there are two more college counselors and a crisis counselor that works with students with more extreme problems. What a dream!

2) The KIPP Academy High School has multiple different levels of diplomas that it awards. Based on Regent scores, graduates earn different variations of diplomas. This seems like it could create a lot of freedom for student choice as well as more reflective diplomas based on the given student's interest and effort. 

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  1. This proffessional to student ratio is the opposite of the current trend in public schools, eh? "Well, ya gotta cut something." This line of reasoning will soon lead to the discussion of school sports and state funds then.