Thursday, October 24, 2013

Visit to Consult with Researcher Angela Duckworth

This last weekend in October will be the first of 8 visits I will make to the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. The monthly Sunday discussions are being hosted by researcher Angela Duckworth to answer the question of how to implement grit curriculum into schools and school culture. I will be meeting with a group of about 20 participants that include researchers, community leaders, teachers, and principals from around the northeast and beyond. The group includes but is not limited to folks from Kipp Philadelphia, School of the Future, and the Yes Prep Public Schools. I've posted Ms. Duckworth's most well known TED talk that explains her work.

She also was recently (Autumn 2013) chosen as a fellow for the MacArthur Genius Award in support of her work. In the following video she explains a bit more about the direction that she believes her latest research is headed. I am honored and excited to be apart of the learning process in the coming months.

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