Monday, September 23, 2013

Perseverance Quickly Gaining Popularity Around the Country!

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The non-cognitive skills research is hitting the mark for educational leaders around the country. It seems perseverance is the "word of the year" in education. And why not? A few of the recent media references I've come across in support of this kind of movement for schools include ASCD's September issue of Educational Leadership. The entire issue is dedicated to articles and research related to the topic.

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A second reference I recently came across was a dedicated radio program to American's dropout rate. American Public Media's "The Story" featured a show entitled, "From the Classroom to the Graduation Stage" on September 23rd. Researcher Russ Rumberger, director of the California Research Project, discusses how non-cognitive skills need to be taught in order to give students what they need to meet graduation requirements and be prepared for life after the walk across the stage.

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